Project Run and Play: Season 11 Week 1

Week 1: Nothing but Knit


So excited to be sewing along with the amazing contestants on Project Run and Play this season! I love love love seeing what everyone comes up with, so much inspiration in one place!

For my knit look, I wanted something warm and fuzzy, but super feminine. I found this great hot blue knit at my local Fabricland, it is thick and has great drape and structure. I started with the Lil Luxe dress from one of my favorite pattern makers, Jessica from Lil Luxe Collection. I love her patterns- great fit, simple instructions with clear pictures and lots of great sewing tips, both in the pattern and on her blog!


I brought the back all the way up and cut out a keyhole, to give the dress a cozier feel, and added a cowel neck. The cowel did not come out quite like I pictured it; I had some issue trying to get it to work with the keyhole back.


I also lengthened the sleeve to a 3/4 length, and though the bodice is lined, I only have one layer of skirt. My favorite discovery making this dress was the horsehair braid for the hem! My life has been forever changed by this amazing stuff.


I now know how to add serious pouf to all my daughter’s dresses…the same daughter who would be modeling this dress in these pictures if she was not screaming in time out. Seriously. She can’t talk- you know, since’s she’s not even 2 yet- but it’s like I have a 15 year old yelling that I’ve ruined her life because I would not let her eat playdoh. #childabuse

I finished off the look with mint lace leggings from Target and a mint chiffon bow that I made for her newborn photoshoot and is still stretching to fit her head! Someday I will have to break down and sew it to a new headband…but it is not this day.

I hope you enjoyed my knit look, I loved the looks the contestants came up with! So many cute details!



9 thoughts on “Project Run and Play: Season 11 Week 1

  1. What a lovely dress and great photos. Good parenting not giving in even if they act like your just killed their favorite doll. I can relate!

    Love the fabric choice, it’s pretty close to my fabric for the nothing but knit challenge.


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