Project Run and Play: Season 11 Week 2

Week 2- Cosplay Inspired

cosplay 1

This week, the Project Run and Play challenge was to create an every day look inspired by the cosplay craze.

I LOVED this challenge! When my daughter was born, I started designing dresses for her to wear to church (and for fun!) that were inspired by Disney princesses, because I have a firm “no character apparel” policy for my kids. Like the t-shirts with cartoon characters on them or $60 costumes from the Disney store that have Belle’s face all over the skirt. Just not my thing.

My previous dresses (and terrible phone pictures) include: Cinderella

Alice, for her One-derland first birthday and later, Halloween!

Lastly, Snow White, which I never photographed, apparently. Maybe I’ll rustle up some smaller models and take real pictures of these dresses! When it’s not snowing. Only in Canada can it snow and still feel like 40 degrees out.  Still, our three minute photo shoot didn’t turn out too bad! I even cleverly cropped out my neighbor’s hot tub.

Back to my entry in the Project Run and Play Sew Along!

For this challenge, I chose to do an everyday cosplay of Anna from Frozen! My daughter recently discovered Frozen…and so it begins. She sleeps with Olaf and carries around tiles from the Frozen matching game her Mimi gave her for Christmas. It’s all downhill from here.

cosplay 3

This look started with discovering this beautiful organza on the clearance shelf at JoAnns. It is such an awesome color in real life, striking electric blue and almost looking plumb in certain lighting. Unfortunately, the wrinkles from being shoved around on said clearance shelf are being stubborn and refuse to relax. I’ve tried a hot shower, steam iron, press cloth…I’m running out of ideas! I suppose I’ll have to live with them for the time being, unless anyone else has a brilliant idea?!

As for construction, I started with a vintage baby dress pattern from my mother-in-law’s pattern library, and cut a circle skirt instead of the pleated skirt. I finished the hem with fishing line to get a nice ruffle. The flutter sleeves only needed a zig zag hem and they are holding up nicely.


I love my hemmer foot for hemming circle skirts! It makes a tedious process so simple and relatively painless.

For the beading, I created a template in Silhouette Studio, printed it out, and traced it with chalk onto black cotton. I wish I had used a nicer fabric; The cotton was easy to work with, but it doesn’t match the fancy feel of the rest of the dress. The beads were all rescued from necklaces I was going to throw out, and then decided to scrap for parts. I added the gold piping from my stash to the waist and neckline, to really emphasize the Ana reference.


Since I was trying to line a vintage pattern, which was a very basic construction with exposed seams everywhere, and trying to insert an invisible zipper into a seam with piping (NEVER again), the back is not my best work. Thank goodness for winter and H&M cardigans! If she still fits it when it gets warm, I may take it apart and try again. We’ll see how ambitious I feel at that point.

cosplay 2

I hope you enjoyed my Ana look! SO excited for next week and the Glitter challenge! So is my glitter-hating husband!


23 thoughts on “Project Run and Play: Season 11 Week 2

    1. Thank you, it really was pretty simple! I used a 5 hold cording foot to feed the fishing line through, so it was super easy to just make sure the fabric edge lined up with the center of the foot and stitch away!


  1. She’s so cute! Get ready for a few years of Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Christoff and Sven. I recently discovered mu little girl didn’t know the word snowman. She just kept running around saying Olaf to all of them over Christmas. Oops!

    I love the dress and bead work, You did an amazing job!


  2. That is a gorgeous dress! I love the beading and the organza overlay… plus the curl in the hem! I need to try the fishing line idea! I’ll admit that I don’t see any wrinkles, but have you tried using a vinegar-soaked press cloth to get them out? (It’s probably a good idea to test it on a scrap first to make sure it doesn’t discolor the fabric.)


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