Be My Valentine

So last Wednesday we did something a little nuts and decided to go to Boston for the weekend.


What were we thinking!?


My husband had Friday off, and Monday was Family Day in Canada, so he had that off too, so we thought, “What fun thing could we do as a family with our 5 day weekend?” And since my sister and her husband live in Boston, we thought to ourselves, “Why not?! it’s only 6 1/2 hours! No big deal!”

It was super fun, and I am so glad we went, but between the blizzard on the way there and the traffic on the way home, it took 8 hours each way. Also, Boston had a huge cold front move in, so we were trying to navigate the city in negative degree weather with two little kids…and I had a moment of clarity.

Boston has awesome amenities, like last-meal-good restaurants,  theater, shopping, cool history (The Old North Church! The Ship in the Boston Harbor! The Constitution Museum!) and awesome places to take kids, but I am not a city girl. I need my free suburban parking. Two lane roads with square intersections. My backyard where I can’t see anyone else’s house. Access to Target and Hancock Fabric. I do not like public transportation and narrow one way city streets and Wal-mart being 40 minutes into the suburbs. I am a country/suburb girl at heart.

So, since we were in Boston for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t get to finish my son’s Valentine shirt. And the cute little romper I made for my daughter was all covered up with sweaters and a long sleeve onesie because it was SO. COLD. all weekend!

So here is our little V-day photo shoot we did when we got back home!

valentine 5

So I am SO in love with this pattern! It’s the Alley Cat Romper by Lil Luxe Collection. I will be making them until she outgrows the pattern (which goes up to size 8, so it will be a while!)

valentine 3

The fabric was living it’s previous life as a dress on the clearance rack at Rue 21 until the day I snatched it up for $4.99 and painstakingly unpicked every seam to have enough fabric to make this romper! I love BOGO clearance. Some of my favorite fabric has been sourced there.

valentine 4

I love the roomy harem pants and the adorable scoop back of this romper! The pattern has a great fit and comes together in under an hour from cutting the pieces to modeling on a wicker chair.

valentine 2

Believe it or not, the chair was her idea. I’m going to be in trouble when she can articulate her thoughts more precisely.

valentine 1

Enjoy this last shot of Valentine cuteness while I go finish up my third Project Run and Play look! Glitter week!!!!!


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