Project Run and Play: Season 11 Week 3

Week 3: All That Glitters

Ok, let’s be real a second.

My son is my favorite. He is hilarious and so quick witted and makes home school fun instead of totally miserable. He is helpful and is the first to offer a hug if someone is feeling sad. Being the oldest of five sisters, boys have always been an intriguing enigma that I watch from afar and wish I understood. I was secretly celebrating when I discovered that my firstborn was going to be a boy!


My sparkley, ruffley, glittery, flowery self is SO glad I have a daughter to brainwash with my glitter-loving ways. Some boys are cool with a little sparkle. My plan A was to do a boys look for this challenge, you know just to mix it up. I was laying out some *awesome* metalic stretch pleather for a sweet moto jacket for him. This is our conversation when he walked in my sewing room.

Jack: Mommy, are you making another dress for Lucy?

Me: Actually I was making you this jacket buddy. (Shows his picture on the pattern with a little boy wearing a black moto jakcet)

Jack: (studies picture, then fabric, then picture) I don’t think this is the right stuff for that.

Me: I thought it would look cool to use this shiny fabric instead of black!

Jack: …Um, no that’s not really cool Mommy. Probably just black.

Exit Jackson, with me staring after him, slack-jawed and scrambling to come up with a plan B because my 4 year old just told me my fabric choice was lame.

Lucky my daughter also has glitter in her blood, because we had no problem agreeing on some gold sequin fabric from my stash (I told her to go find something pretty and that is what she brought me. I’m so proud!) and Plan B was cut and on the ironing board ten minutes later.


So I know, this is ANOTHER Lil Luxe dress, but since I bought the pattern, it has become one of my favorites! It has an amazing silhouette, with the curved bodice, super full skirt and adorable scoop back, which incidentally, I’ve only used once in the four dresses I’ve sewn since January. It’s cold in Canada. We don’t have scoop back dress weather until June. Anyway, next week is the Lil Luxe Dress Sew Along and link up, so I think I’ll make at least one more! There have been so many awesome ideas from the blog tour, I kind of want to try them all!


So this time, I did a boat neck and invisible zipper. LOVE that invisible zipper foot! It has made sewing zippers, dare I say, enjoyable?! I strongly recommend getting one. I got this set of specialty sewing machine feet on Amazon for under $40. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time, and definitely upped my sewing game!


For the skirt, I did the tulle on the outside as a bubble skirt. I was going for major volume and advanced twirl-ability, which I definitely think I achieved! Twirling so fast, my little phone camera couldn’t capture it.


Bonus of shooting pictures in my kitchen is that I was motivated to sweep, mop AND paint over the huge scuff marks that were gracing this wall as late as 11 am this morning. Once the site was prepped, both kids got into the photoshoot, “dancing like Beauty and the Beast!” which we watched yesterday. Do I see some future Dancing with the Stars pros?!


I finally found a project to use these cool ostrich feathers on. I love how this turned out.


Showing me the sequins that were sticking to her hands…I’m not going to lie, I’m in trouble for the shedding sequins. Some men just don’t appreciate sparkly things.


Obligatory sad face picture. I told her we were all done and we would have to take the dress off.


Hopefully she has this much enthusiasm for the dress when it’s time to get dressed tomorrow.

On to week 4! This is so fun!


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