Once Upon a Time Play Dress Series: Belle Dress

I had this idea to make little Princess dresses that weren’t costumes but could be worn every day or on special occasions. I already posted about a few of them in my Project Run and Play Sew along post here, but here is the next installment!



This particular dress was made as a 4th birthday present for my close friend’s little girl, who, unfortunately, lives 20 hours away in Kansas. Don’t worry, we still do virtual play-dates. : ) Because I didn’t have her to model the dress in person, (and my son could only be bribed with my Lindor chocolate for fittings once,) I enlisted the adorable Hannah as my Canadian model and my amazingly talented friend Sara took these pictures! I should probably have her take all my blog pictures from now on, no?


Look at that little heart breaker! She’s going to have a line around the block someday…



I discovered this super soft knit at my local Fabricland. True to form, it is listed as “novelty spring knit” but it is a poly spandex blend that feels like a super light scuba knit or a heavy lycra swim knit. They have a bunch of beautiful bright pastels, and this butter yellow was perfect for Belle! After three weeks of wear, I have heard reports back that it washes beautifully. Perfect for a play dress that looks fancy, but isn’t!


This is a heavily modified version of the Foo Foo Threads Beloved dress pattern. Because the fabric has 4 way stretch, I omitted the ruched back and cut it the same width as the front. I completely lined the bodice for maximum comfort. I cut a circle skirt, and was debating making a bubble skirt, but ultimately decided that you get better twirl factor with a layered skirt. So I have a lining, a layer of tulle, and then the circle skirt on top. Figuring out the V waist was super complicated with this set up, but I triumphed in the end. : )



The skirt bunches (what do you call those!?) were where Jackson the model and the Lindor chocolate came in. I had to have the skirt hanging on a body to make sure everything was level and spaced the way I wanted it, although next time, I think I’ll be more mathematical about their placement.


Now on to an Ariel swim suit for summer!!


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