Project Run and Play: Season 13 Week 1

Week one theme for Project Run and Play was “It’s All About that Place”. Since we recently discovered Dora the Explorer on Netflix, I went with Mexico as our inspiration because I knew it would be a hit with my little fashionista. Throw in a little pink, and she wouldn’t take the dress off after our indoor Mexican photoshoot!

I was sad it is still too cold to take pictures outside, because the beach by my house could totally pass for a tropical beach. As long as you don’t look too closely at the trees. Or the semi-scummy lake water. ; ) This is the Clara dress by Violette Field Threads, dres version with a straight bodice and puff sleeves. I did shorten the skirt by about three inches because I originally embroidered a line of flowers along the bottom edge, but it was too busy for me with the pom poms. Luckily it was still a great length once i cut the embroidery off! #winning


It took several tries to get three different embroidery files to line up, and its still not perfect, but the bodice turned out so cute! And my hard-to-please client loved the pink pom pom trim. : )


These Kam Snaps are to die for! So easy to install, and I love all the bright colors!

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