Project Run and Play: Season 13 Week 3

This week for Project Run and Play was a bit of a stretch for me. The challenge was “Boho Chic”, which really isn’t what I would describe my style as. It’s one of those things that I recognize when I see it, but I can’t pin down exactly what makes an item of clothing specifically boho. You know? So all my sketches were coming up flat. That’s when i turned to my old pal Pinterest. Type in “boho chic” and lo and behold, there were hundreds of images of exactly what I was looking for! This was my inspiration image for this outfit.


Leggings, loose tee, drapey kimono wrap. I can do that.

I’m in the midst of pattern testing, so I wanted to shop my stash for this look. I found this floral rayon from Fabricland in the bottom of a pile and I had enough of it, so that was my jumping off point.


I matched it to a dusty pink for the leggings, and this fun gold sweater knit for the top!


For patterns, I turned to the Violette Field Threads leggings that come with a few of their patterns. I got them with the Ellie skirt, but they also come with the Piper dress. They are my favorite fit on her from all the legging patterns I’ve made so far. For this look, I left off the ruffles on the bottom and just hemmed them with a band because I was feeling too lazy to break out the double needle.


The top is the Celestial Tee from Figgy’s patterns. It has a great hi low hemline and these fun gathers at the neck. I made the mistake of stabilizing the neckband, so it doesn’t lay as flat as I would like it to. Oh well. She loves her “gold shiny shirt”!


This kimono was the kicker. I knew I wanted it super oversized and drapey, but all the kimono patterns for girls I found were not nearly voluminous enough. So I  started with my go-to Oversized dolman sweater, from the Apple Loungewear set by Shwin Designs. She has several new patterns out that would probably work better for this, like the Liverpool Dolman, but I didn’t want to buy anything new. So I took the sweater pattern, chopped the sleeves to elbow length, widened the sleeve, and added almost 12 inches to the width. I cut the pattern down the middle and that gave me this fun angled front piece, which I decided not to round out.


I played with all kinds of ideas to bring the back in, from one single pleat, to gathering the whole thing, to creating a center back seam, and I ended up with a mix of pleats and gathers. This kept the volume I was looking for without hiding tons of fabric behind the fold of a pleat. I faced the neckline with bias tape, although I probably should have gone with a yoke. She has a little trouble with it slipping off her shoulders, and I feel like a more structured top could alleviate that.


I’m intrigued to play with the kimono design more, Fabricland has a ton of pretty floral $5 chiffons, and she is definitely loving “being a butterfly.” Looks like I may need to expand my stash after all! I did just use up several fabrics this week. I feel like I deserve it. : )

Thanks for checking out my Boho look!


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