PRP Season 16: Week 1 A Million Dreams


Every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keepin me awake

We LOVE The Greatest Showman around here!!! It’s the first movie musical I’ve shown my kids (I know, they’re already 6 and 4! It’s a travesty) and the watched the first 40 minutes bug eyed and slack jawed and seriously, no one moved. I’ve been playing the soundtrack for months, but they had no idea there was dancing and costumes and awesomeness that I was hiding from them! Now they want to know what else I’ve been keeping a secret. Newsies, here we come!

Anyway. So I totally fell off the wagon with the whole super fun idea of sewing a rainbow! I did manage to knock it out on instagram, and have all my cute little colored posts lined up in the right order, but no blog posts. Se la vie. But! I am back for Season 16, and SO excited that the first week’s theme is CIRCUS!!!!!!


For this look, I wanted to coordinate it with the rest of the summer wardrobe i’m putting together, but still give off that distinctly “circus” vibe. And seriously, I LOVE this look!

I’ve wanted to make a Presh Blazer from Winter Wear Designs since I was someone use it in the PRP sew along a few seasons ago. No idea what the theme was, but it had something to do with steampunk. I seriously clicked on the photo, then bought the pattern right then and there! It’s SO cute!!


I love the cute details and awesome fit! I finished the inside with bias tape for a super clean and professional finish. It’s made from this amazing neon pink stretch denim I ordered from Mood Fabrics last summer, and have been hording like a crazy person, waiting for just the right project.

The little shorts are my favorite Canterbury Knickers by Lil Luxe Collections. Jessica has such beautifully drafted patterns, I just love the fit of every one I own! She has a shorts hack for the knickers on the shop blog, so I did these in a bold black and white stripe cotton. Because nothing says circus like stripes!


The t shirt is a plain white Calabria tee, also a Lil Luxe pattern. I wanted to put “A Million Dreams” in some gold vinyl on the front, but the cord to my Silhouette has gone missing! So, I made her change right after the photoshoot so we can shoot again when I can add the vinyl. Because I can never get things pressed for pictures after I wash them. I probably need a steamer.

Now for a black and white version of my favorite shot. I’m seriously printing this picture and hanging it in my gallery wall!




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